my baby

is not so baby anymore. when you see them daily it's hard to see them growing up right in front of your eyes. my neighbor stopped by while out for a walk and she commented on how big Boston is getting. i know she's like 2 (almost 3) going on 16 attitude wise, but to me she's still a baby. although, today as i was mowing the lawn and watching her ride the 4 wheeler and peddle her big girl bike it dawned on me, i don't have a baby anymore! some may think it's time for another baby but quite honestly i am very content with my two... and not having a "baby"! (if you lived with my Boston you'd understand why!! ha ha) anyways, I dug out some photographs I took of her about a month ago (april 22) and already so much has changed. one  being that she had her first hair cut! it's such a cute little bob now- which makes her look even more grown up!

and i've just got to mention that she HATES getting her pictures taken, so the ones below are a real treat to me. and just for the record, it ended in tears- like after 5 minutes!

though she may get older in age she'll always be my baby girl. i love you so much Boston.