"...I'm so pretty..."

Boston definitely is a girlie girl. The little princess is always dressing up, often wearing about 7 different different non-coordinating layers by bedtime. We laugh at her wild imagination. The fact that she walks better than me in my stilettos no longer strikes a jealous bone in my body. But, the fact that they are often spread from one end of the house to the other- that leaves me a bit irritated! When I got in the shower this morning she was using my flat iron (not plugged in) to do her dollies hair. When I got out she was giving her dollie a hair cut! I gasped and asked her what she was doing and told her she can't do that, it ruins her dollie. She flat out told me,"but Amber cut mine mom, and I'm so pretty!" Oh she cracks me up!


i promise not to make a habit out of posting pictures i take on my phone. it's just so convenient to post a little here and there- with my phone.

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