I can know the scriptures are true.

Today Logan gave his first talk in primary. I couldn't be more proud of the boy. This morning as we were practicing (some more) he about had it memorized. We found out that it's nearly impossible right now for either of our kids to put an "s" & "m" finished by a "th" sound together without it sounding wonky! After he was very frustrated I told him we'll just say Joseph. He was happy about that but still continued to try to say Smith, each time shaking his head and saying, " ya I just can't say it right- so I'll just say Joseph!" Too cute! We stopped in the library to pick up a picture of Joseph Smith-- then headed up to primary. Sitting in the back of the primary room I begged Stace to take a picture of him while he was giving his talk (I would be up helping him). He said you don't do that in church. I said-- I do! But needless to say I didn't get a picture! I get it-- though in my mind capturing the moment meant more than possibly being a poor example! He was a bit nervous. I think being the last talk and sitting in front of everyone helped to build up the nerves for sure. But  he stood up there proud and didn't refuse to share his talk, which I was so pleased about. I can't even imagine life without Log. He's the sweetest little (big really) 5 yr old. Afterwords he went to Dad and they exchanged knuckles-- it's their thing! and it's the cutest thing ever.

Logan's talk: CTR 5

I Can Know The Scriptures Are True

A young boy had an important question. He wanted to know which church was true. He read James 1:5: “If any of you lack wisdom, let him ask of God.” The boy believed that promise, studied the scriptures and was given an answer- that this church was the only true church. That boy’s name was Joseph Smith. Moroni has promised us that we can know the scriptures are true through the power and promptings of the Holy Ghost.  The best way to read the scriptures is with a prayer in our hearts that Heavenly Father will help us understand them and to know they are true. I say these things in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

I'm so happy that both of our children LOVE church! Primary especially. They ask all week long when church is. Today they came home with such excitement because they saw Nephi with a Liahona!  Stace & I saw "Nephi" in the hall after leaving the primary room- Brother McOmber made a great modern day Nephi I must say! I so much appreciate the work our primary presidency puts into each Sunday. They are so incredible!

Last week we had home teachers (Jacob & Lori Price- Brother Price's partner was gone) and they gave Logan and Boston each a bookmark with a picture of our Prophet Thomas S Monson. Today in sacrament the speaker said Thomas S Monson and Boston (3) looked at me and said "Mom! Thomas S. Monson- we have him! Ya like the orange bookmark!" She was so excited. The speaker also talked about the scriptures and mentioned Joseph Smith. Logan said, " Mom! Joseph and the last name I can't say- like my talk!" Even when they are drawing pictures they are still paying attention. It totally amazes me.

Each day of my life I am more and more thankful for these two special human beings- still don't know how that can happen since the day they were born I felt more love in my life than ever before prior. I suppose it's along the same line as loving Stac more and more each passing year we are married- seems impossible, but it's not!

And i'm so thankful for today.

and that's what I call modern BALANCE!