Tooth Fairy: Logan

Logan, at the young age of 5 1/2 lost his first tooth! CRAZY!

This particular tooth had me a little worried for a few days last week. When he'd smile I'd wonder why it wasn't as white as the others and why it had shifted so much- it just didn't look right! Last Friday I asked him if I could take a look in his mouth and when he came over I touched the tooth and to my shock it was very loose! I couldn't believe it and instantly shouted,"Logan, you've got a loose tooth!!" He was so excited since he watched 'The ToothFairy' with Stace and I awhile back- he totally remembers how what happens after loosing a tooth! He was quite excited to put his tooth under his pillow for the Tooth Fairy! It took all weekend and most of Monday for the tooth to get loose enough to get out. All day Monday the root was out of his gum and it was poking him when he ate anything. He was getting very upset- I told him he could probably just pull it out but he insisted he wait till Dad got home from work before it could came out! During dinner I was so worried he'd eat the tooth since it was barely hanging on and he has the tiniest little teeth I have ever seen! After dinner I took a paper towel and without any effort It came right out! He couldn't believe it and he was over the top elated!

He had been holding onto this bag in his pocket since the day we noticed it was loose! He couldn't wait to put his tooth in it!...

Then it was off to bed for him, and he gladly did with much anticipation for morning! And it was time for me to figure out how to be "Tooth Fairy"! I looked all over the internet for something cute the tooth fairy could leave with the money. Every certificate I found either cost money- which is fine but I didn't have time for it to be custom printed and mailed! Or so incredibly cheesy I couldn't bring myself to make due with it! As I was designing this up (which I know isn't greatly impressive or creative-- but I had limited "tooth" clip art to choose from and it was getting late!) Stace told me to come to bed. (Usually when I'm at my desk late at night I'm working and he always reminds me IT's TIME FOR BED!!) I told him I've gotta be tooth fairy!! He asked me if I have cash- I told him I have a dollar-- cuz I thought a dollar is generous. Well, he said, "NO! Give him a 5!" Uhhhh what?! He doesn't even know the difference between a 1 and 5 dollar bill... there both one bill to him! [side note: yesterday when we were taking Boston to preschool my low tire pressure light was on- which is common in the winter. But- I took a look at my tire and it had a screw in it! So we dropped Boston off and went to the Tire Factory to get it fixed. Logan had a dollar bill in his pocket and begged me to get something out of the vending machine. I told him it's his dollar he can decide what he does with it. He then puts it in the machine- only to have it spit back out at him. He was laughing so hard as he tried to do it again and again. He kept saying,"Why are you doing that machine?!" It was hilarious! When it finally accepted his dollar he discovered quickly that it wasn't going to vend the Gatorade he wanted. He asked me why and I told him it says it's $1.25 so he'd need 25 more cents to get it. He then pushed the change button and 4 quarters came out of the machine. He honestly looked like he won the lottery! He said,"MOM!! It just gave me MORE money, I just got 4 instead of 1!" We had a quick lesson on how 4 quarters equals 1 dollar-- I'm not sure he get it yet!] Back to the 1 dollar bill vs a 5 dollar bill- I didn't think it was necessary since he doesn't know the difference. BUT Stace insisted!

I didn't know what to do with his tooth because I wanted to keep it-- But didn't want Logan to be in possession of it because it would be lost in no time! I gently slid the bag out from beneath his pillow and came up with this...

...and the "Tooth Fairy" put it on my bedside table!

Logan came into our room bright and early with his manilla envelope and the contents inside. He was so excited-- to say the least! And we did have to have a lesson on a one dollar bill vs a five dollar bill! He said a five dollar bill will be perfect because then he can get him and Boston a toy! So cute. I love this kid to pieces!