Boston | 3 going on 16!

This is my sweet little Boston who is 3 going on 16! Everyone asks me if my kids have tons of pictures? I'm so ashamed to say, Unfortunately no! Sometimes I feel like the worst mom ever since I don't do a good job at documenting their stages of life- when I know it's SO important. Truth be told it's just hard to photograph my own kids! I get so many clients tell me they don't know how I can be SO patient during photoshoots... honestly it's easy with other peoples cute kids... with my own however patience it's as easy to keep! Boston has been home for a few sessions in the last little bit and totally loves to watch- well really she wants to "help"-- and now is begging me to take her pictures. Which I have to admit is sweet music to my ears because she went through a phase where if the camera came out for just a random snap shot she would scream "I don't want my picture taken!!"

When some new backdrops arrived today, and she asked me to take pictures of her with them, I didn't hesitate and immediately rummaged through her closet to find any outfit "photo shoot" cute. These are the best we could do, but sometimes simple is best- especially with such a busy backdrop.

I love these of her- first in many that I actually think really are as cute as she is!! Love my little Bossie to pieces. Even though I trip over her all day long because she is my little shadow. Best shadow I could ask for!