Logan | Shots & Registration

Oh dear! Did I really just experience my first Kindergarten Registration today? I never thought the day would come--- hallelujah! haha Just kidding people! I'm trying to make light of it... but in the back of my mind I'm dying of this fact. How could this possibly be? I keep reflecting on school--  It seems like 4 years of high school, even 4 years of college-- is an eternity- your whole life... but then you step out in the real world and 10 years go by and your like, WHAT! how can this be that I am almost 30, found a gray hair on my head and have a child going to Kindergarten? But then you think, Ya! this is how it bees! It's my life and I love it and I even like the stress that causes the gray hair and even the sadness and the few tears I shed today over the fact that my kids are growing up so fast, and yes- I love it! It means my life is full- I have a life to live- and I'm grateful for it. Because when I think about it there isn't anything that causes my heart to break more than not being here, right now. Today, tomorrow and the next... Bring on Class of 2024!! & lets party that his immunization chart is full!