Our New Baby | Hudson

Hudson Robert Keele

June 16, 2011

7 lbs 10 oz

19 inches

100% Loved

We are just totally smitten by this little angel who is a new member of our family! We are all so completely in love with him it's ridiculous!

Although I don't recommend taking newborn pictures when your so sore and tired from giving birth, I tried it anyways-- and could hardly move afterwards! I felt pressure to get it done because on the 22nd he was going to the doctor to get circumcised and I knew that wouldn't be fun to work with! So on the 21st, at 5 days new, I took him down to the studio and attempted his newborn photos! I didn't have much in me to do a lot... but I think I got a few cute ones! Funny how before he was born I had all these plans for his newborn pictures. I didn't take in consideration how sore I'd be from yet another episiotomy. Yuck! Newborns have such a short window of prime shooting time and even I almost missed it!! Shame on me!