Count Em' | 1... 2... 3... Cute Faces!

Everyone says the third really threw them off. Maybe I'm lucky or maybe I should knock on wood... but I think 3 has put me back on track! I seriously couldn't imagine life without these three cute faces to wake up to each and every day. Logan and Boston have been the best "older" siblings and have been so helpful. Boston is my little shadow and probably spends more time each day changing "monkeys" diapers and clothes than I do for Hudson.  (I'm not quite sure why she is naked in the picture because she really is always dressed in the newborn clothes that are too hot for Hudson to wear!)  Logan is the best helper every- he'll stop anything he's doing to comfort Hudson with his pacifier or rock him gently. It's amazing how much love Hudson has brought to our family. i Love my kids to pieces!

Pictures taken: July 7, 2011