Logan | Goes to Football Camp

Today Logan finished up his last day of Football Camp 2011! I am so proud of him. It was his first Football camp ever and he had a great time!

Moms Notes: It can't be easy being dropped off on a large field with lots of kids (none of which you know) for the first time! As a mom, I'd like to know when the anxiety of doing such a thing will wear off and things like this will become normal? I know soon I'll appreciate it- but right now I worry and wonder. This summer we've had the kids in gymnastics for the first time and I've found that they do better when I'm not there... well who knows for sure because when I'm not there I'm just that, not there! Not there to see if they are really better or not. BUT I do have to say when I AM there-- they are looking to me for that "thumbs up" every other second and I know they are missing out on instructions and what not! So I guess I "hope" they focus better without me there!! ha. I have to laugh though- on the first day of camp I dropped Log off then went to run some errands. When I came back to the field to watch him I found him wandering around the field, by himself, hopping from group to group... just woundering! No one was watching him or trying to get his attention to direct him in the place he should be... he was just free to do as he pleased! I caught his attention and asked him what he was doing? He said he "lost" his coach! Oh I had to laugh. You can definitely tell the difference between the kids who have older siblings who they have seen do this stuff and the ones that don't! I feel like each step my kids take in life is a culture shock to me! A kid culture- seeing life in the eyes of a child and finding out that each child has a different history. Right now I'm thinking they definitely benefit from having an older sibling to watch-- and if not they definitely benefit in life by starting young with these types of things! Even though as a mom it's kinda a pain in the butt running around all over the place! Especially with a newborn how hates being in his car seat! Poor Hudson is going to have a long year in front of him between Kindergarten, Preschool, Gymnastics, Dance & Football runs if he doesn't... or should I say "mom" has a long year in front of her!! ;)