Best Buddies | Logan & Hudson

It's amazing how "big" Logan and Boston seem to me now that Hudson joined our family. I never knew I had it so easy, being that they are so independent. In a lot of ways, however, they are much harder than a baby! You know, my mom has always said, "I'd like to tell you it gets easier, BUT it only gets harder the older they get!". I've always thought, YIKES! How will I handle this?!! Somehow you just do! While a baby isn't easy by any means- they are definitely a lot of work- but it's much different work, more like busy work! While Logan and Boston are less physical work, more mental work!  Some days I'm totally exhausted just trying to please the two of them and mend the arguments and what not. I had to laugh the other day because I thought, Mom is SO right! It really does get harder, baby's are a breeze!

So while I didn't plan on this blog post to go in this direction- you've gotta understand I'm writing this all while Hudson is sound asleep, Logan is playing with his trucks on the front porch  and Boston, bless her little heart, is crying an hysterical whiney cry because... well i'm not really sure why! It seems to be like pretty much everything these days sends her over the edge!

So the reason for this post wasn't to say, there is a big difference from baby to 4-6 year olds & that Every day I hold Hudson and wish he'd stay a baby forever. BUT rather to say I can't wait to see these two growing up together! Logan already tells me that when Hudson is as old as Cooper (his cousin who is almost 2) that he's going to play with him outside and hold his hand and help him play! So cute. He just loves his little brother to absolute pieces! And that really is an understatement. He'd spend 24/7 holding him if i'd let him.