Decking the Halls | Christmas Decor 2013

My goal was to have all of the Christmas decor up by December 1. I did it! Granted, I don't have much. Every year I tell myself,  "Next year I'll splurge on more decorations!"  So, another year and I am still using the same phrase!  Thing is, Christmas decor is the last thing I have money in our budget for come November/December. When it comes down to it, it's never really a priority. Since it is up for one month out of the year, I can easily talk myself out of the holiday decor purchases. Thank goodness, or my children wouldn't get Christmas!! Kidding. Well, kind of serious! I have been obsessed with whites, ivory, silver & gold for I don't know how long. Probably since beginning my photography career 6 years ago when I learned about light and reflections. My dream ever since has been to live in a white, ivory, gray, gold, brown & black home. With splashes of color here and there… maybe... on occasion... or not. I tell you, it's probably an unhealthy relationship. Not saying I live in an all white home, But I'm working at it. How do I convince my husband that the beautiful knotty alder cabinets in the kitchen need to be white? Ya, I don't know if that would ever happen in this lifetime! My children even know that my favorite color is white and they ask me often to change it because white doesn't show up on their coloring projects. So I give them several options… Ivory, Gray, Gold, Brown or Black. They tell me I'm no fun. I just can't help it. Oh and by the way- every time I come across spelling the color GRAY I battle between grAy and grEy. I finally looked it up just now and this is what I found out.

grAy is how it's spelled in America grEy is how it's spelled in England

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 Interesting! I didn't know that. So I guess either is correct! But I should probably stick to my American roots and use the grAy spelling. A couple of years ago I found  most of my gold, sparkly, feather, bird decorations at Walmart, of all places! That is why I could afford to purchase them and when I fully converted to my Non-Traditional tree. I think people thought I was going crazy. Our tree has been good to us for 11 years! We purchased it for our very first Christmas at Michaels for $67 (the box still has the tag on it)! It only needs a book or two under the stand to make it appear to look straight.  Gotta love it! The Christmas Train by Thomas S. Monson... Such a good kids book! My kiddos look forward to reading it each year.  We keep it special for the holidays. And 5 stocking are hung on the mantle. Taking a step back, seeing the Holiday Cheer fill the room! Lastly, There is just nothing better than cuddling up in leggings and a oversized sweatshirt, wool socks and a soft blanket listening to Christmas music on pandora, sipping hot coco & gazing at the lit tree amidst the darkness of the room. All while doing a little black friday online Christmas shopping on my iPad! Speaking of online shopping. I do 95% of my holiday shopping online, of course trying to support as many small businesess as I possibly can. I love small businesses!  I venture out for the little things, like stocking stuffers and gift cards BUT something about crowds & having to shop multiple stores for specific items gives me a splitting headache and makes me anxious. However, going to a department stores during the holidays might just be one of my favorite things to do. Contradiction? Maybe. It's rushing in the store door because it's a blizzard outside and entering to hear the cheerful music playing, seeing the Christmas decor, the sale signs everywhere, the smell of candied nuts, the toys galore and Santa waiting for each little boy and girl. I don't like the hustle and bustle of crossing an item off my list, but for a leisure stroll and to take it all in. December is such a joyous month. I have to admit though that I get a little exhausted come mid December since I'm practically a single Mom. We are gearing up for it though and determined not to let it get us down. We are very grateful to have such a good steady job. I definitely have an entirely new appreciation for UPS delivery drivers, especially mine! They works so hard. Happy December 2013!